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A blend of amino acids including glutamic, aspartic, lysine, glycine proline, and cinnamon oil to create a pseudo heat stimulatory effect on the skin the Foamy Lift mask activates microcirculation to keep the skin functioning between treatments. It tightens and tones the skin by removing dead skin cells and impurities. It also brightens the skin and increases dermal hydration. Foamy Lift supports optimal skin function between DMK treatments and works to purify, strengthen, brighten, and tone the skin.

Don’t lose the amazing complexion achieved by DMK treatments, maintain and support optimal skin function while at home with Foamy Lift Masque. This gentle masque helps to tighten the skin as it exfoliates and removes impurities and debris from within the skin.

It works as an excellent brightener for darker complexions and assists to increase the skins dermal hydration and is suitable for all skin tones and conditions. Mix with Exoderma Peel, to create DMK’s ultimate conditioning At-Home Enzyme Masque. Think of this as the at home version of the world renowned signature DMK Enzyme Treatment.

How to Apply:
Mix 1 tablespoon of Foamy Lift with one tablespoon of Exoderma Peel and apply with upward strokes. Leave on for 30-45 minutes whilst keeping the head elevated. Remove with luke warm water to wet the mask and a warm towel if desired. Follow with your serums + moisturizer. Recommended to 1 per week at home in between professional treatments.

Kit Comes With:
1oz Foamy Lift Jar
2oz Exoderma Peel
DMK Mixing Bowl
DMK Fan Brush

Foamy Lift Masque
Albumen, Zea Mays Starch, Amylodextrin, Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Aspartic Acid, Glutamic Acid, Cinnamomum Cassia Oil, Glycine Soja Protein, Proline, Lysine HCl, Glycine, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Chlorphenesin.

Exoderma Peel
Aqua, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Macrocystis Pyrifera Extract, Chloroxylenol.

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