Environ Body Roll-CIT

Microneedling for the body made easy! This handheld rolling device was specifically formulated for the body with a smooth action angular double roller head with .1mm stainless steel microneedles. Just as it does for the face these micro-channels allow your body products to absorb up to 80% more and are great for areas with cellulite, skin laxity or sagging, wrinkles, scars, stretch marks and the overall tone of the skin. Works perfectly when paried with Environ’s DermaLac Lotion and ACE Body Oil to give yourself a full body treatment at home.

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Make sure to cleanse the skin on the body, use your body toner, preferably Environ’s DermaLac Lotion full of lactic acid to gently exfoliate and prep the skin, then go in with your body roller and section off areas that you want to focus on. Roll the targeted area vertically, diagonally and horizontally to get the best treatment and use mild to medium pressure letting the needles do the work for you. Follow with Environ ACE Body Oil or your favorite body creme to finish off your treatment. Start by using your body roller twice per week and gradually work your way up to using more frequently to upkeep your results at home.

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