Environ Pre-Cleansing Oil

Environ Pre-Cleansing Oil is formulated to emulsify once water is added and rinses off without leaving an oily residue. The perfect first cleanser to remove your makeup, dirt, oil and spf on the skin without stripping the skin of its natural oils to keep it balanced. Rich in Jojoba Oil, this oil cleanser is not greasy but works to loosen up sebum plugs, clogged pores and leaves your skin feeling clean and soft. Acne and oily skin safe too!

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How To Use

Add cleanser to dry skin and work around for 60 seconds then add cold water to it and emulsify for another 60 seconds. Rinse off with cold water and remove any excess with a mulsin cloth or washcloth. You can follow with the Environ Hydrating Clay Masque as a micro-exfoliant/second cleanse for a deeper cleanse.

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