Environ Retinol Serum 2

Retinol is the only ingredient proven to heal the nucleus of a cell and stimulate new collagen production for healthy new skin cells to form. Environ Concentrated Retinol Serum 2 is made from the fatty ester form of Vitamin A making it more tolerable for the skin as it enters your epidermis with less irritation and risk of dryness or an adverse reaction typically associated with retinol products. Coming in a step up system that allows clients to build up their skin tolerance making for more sustainable and long term results by being able to use it consistently. Retinol is a great ingredient for those dealing with hormonal acne, acne scarring, stubborn pigmentation and fine lines/wrinkles.

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How To Use

After cleaning and toning apply one to two pumps of your retinol serum to face, neck and chest. Allow to absorb and follow with your night creme. This product should only be used at night. Use at least 2-4 bottles before going to the next step up. When starting off using retinol the skin may go through a slightly flaking, shedding or feel a little drier than usual but that is normal for the first couple of weeks.

*Please note that retinol can take up two six months to see the full effects

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