Ultrasound Skin Scrubber

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The Dermaconcepts Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber by Environ cleanses, exfoliates and promotes enhanced penetration of serums & topical products. Features a stainless steel skin spatula through which tens of thousands of minute vibrations are created every second. It helps to loosen and remove excess oils, debris and dead skin cells to prevent the effect of clogged pores.

Helps to smooth the appearance of skin. Application and delivery of topical skin products and facial serums are greatly enhanced to provide more effective results.

Safe and easy to use. Ultrasonic frequency of 24 kHz. Cordless, USB rechargeable with a slim ergonomic design.

How To Use

Exfoliate + Extract – After cleansing use on a damp face by gently gliding the scrubber over the surface of your face to help remove buildup, exfoliate and extract pores.

Product Infusion – Using the smooth side of the scrubber glide over face after applying your your mask and/or serums to help them penetrate more effectively.

Your skin must be damp with water or water based product while using the device to ensure proper treatment. Can be done as frequently as daily to keep your pores clear.

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