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Nourishing hair mask

Masque Biologique Capillaire is a powerful repairing and fortifying treatment for hair in need of some Tender Loving Care. It injects strength and vitality into dry and weakened capillary fibers. Left on for a few minutes or overnight, it nourishes and strengthens the hair deep down leaving it shining with health and better able to withstand environmental stressors.

Recommended for dry Hair InstantsĀ©, those that are lacking in vitality, or damaged and/or dyed.

1. Before shampooing, apply a smallish amount to the lengths and ends of the hair, smoothing with the palms of the hands and avoiding contact with the scalp

2. Leave for 20 to 30 minutes under a hot towel or an osmotic film

3. Lather the mask with lukewarm water, rinse, and shampoo as usual

4. Tip: For very dry hair, the mask can be kept on overnight