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Introducing Biologique Recherche’s latest breakthrough: Progeskin anti-aging serum. Its dual-action formula targets progerin and Klotho protein, rejuvenating the epidermis for firmer, smoother skin. Reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and promote a youthful complexion. Apply morning and evening for best results.

Cellular senescence is a natural process in which cells stop dividing but do not die. Like zombie cells, they accumulate excessively, helping to accelerate the tissue aging process. This phenomenon begins at birth and only increases throughout life, affecting the quality and density of the skin.


▪ Regulates progerin synthesis to promote epidermal rejuvenation
▪ Preserves cell longevity: promotes Klotho protein synthesis to delay the onset of senescence in skin cells
▪ Restructures the dermis for a preventive and corrective anti-aging and anti-wrinkle effect
▪ Overall firming effect
▪ Restarts the skin’s internal regeneration process to protect it from premature aging

2 key proteins are involved in this complex process:
• Progerin, an protein which gradually accumulates in normal cells having a strong impact on physiological aging
• Klotho protein, a longevity protein which delays the entry into senescence of cells
With this new revolutionary product Biologique Recherche is helping to target one of the main components that ages our skin faster and is a great pairing with cremes like Creme Biofixine, Creme ADN Metamorphique, Creme Splendide and Le Grand Creme to target the signs of aging.

1. Apply 8-10 drops in the morning and/or evening over the face, neck and décolleté.

2. Perform light ascending massage until complete absorption of the product.

Comes in .3oz & 1oz sizes